Elevated Road

The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had made an announcement for the construction of an Elevated road from Taramani to Siruseri, under phase-I and from Siruseri to Mahabalipuram under Phase-II, for a total length of 45 Km. Also, administrative sanction of Rs.5.0 Crore has been accorded for the preparation of DPR for the above work, vide G.O.Ms.NO.146 dated 24th September 2013.

The DPR has since been finalized for the construction of Elevated Road from Taramani to Siruseri. As the Metro Rail is also planned on this corridor, the integration work of both the projects has been completed. The proposal for Administrative Sanction of Rs.2969.31 Crore has beensent to Government on 26.07.2017. As BOT – Toll model is not attractive, the Government suggested to take it up as an EPC project with external funding.

The Government vide G.O. (Ms) No.105 Highways & Minor Ports (HF2) Department dated 26.12.2017 has accorded in principle approval to take up the project under JICA assistance.

Chennai Metro Rail Phase-II is also planned along this corridor, hence the integration work of both the projects arised. Now, DPR is being revised to in-corporate the proposal of CMRL Phase –II.

As this is a long time project, it is planned to construct 5 Flyovers in the Major Junctions as a short term project and then integrate with the long time project.