Local Resident Pass (LRP)

    • Cars and Autos owned for personal use by bona fide local residents living along the project road
    • LRP will be issued on submission of following documents for proof of residence in project area.

i. Copy of Ration Card
ii. Passport or Voter Identity Card
iii. Ownership proof of the vehicle in the name of the applicant
iv. Registration certificate only reflecting the same address

  • Two wheelers will not be tolled

LRP Application Form

LRP Terms and Conditions:

  • Toll shall be collected as directed by the norms set by the Government from all vehicles except those exempted as per GOM No. 117, Highways Department, dated 16.07.2002.
  • Exemption is also proposed to be made for local residents from paying toll only for cars owned for personal use and autorickshaws owned for personal use by people who are regularly residing along the Rajiv Gandhi Salai.
  •  They shall be required to fill in the attached application form with photocopies of the proof of residence and vehicle ownership.
  • The exemption is given to the vehicles and not to individuals. The exempted vehicles must be registered only in the name of the head of the family or its members.
  • In case the bonafide resident travels in vehicles other than those exempted, toll would have to be paid.
  • It is also clarified that commercial vehicles like Taxi, Light Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Lorries etc, even if owned by local residents are not exempted from paying toll.
  • Applicants for exemption must apply in the enclosed format.
  • The applicant vehicle owner shall enclose proof of bonafide residence and vehicle ownership by enclosing photocopies of the RC Book and copies of Ration Card and/or Voter ID/Passport etc along with the application.
  • The application along with attachments as necessary shall be handed over to the offices of I T Expressway Limited as detailed below.
  • ITEL shall arrange for issuance of the Local Resident Passes upon eligibility of the applicant as per the date schedule for each area mentioned hereunder.
  • In case an applicant is found ineligible, ITEL shall communicate the same in writing with reasons within 30 days from receipt of application.
  • A non refundable administrative fee of Rs. 100 shall be payable in cash for processing and issuance of the Local Resident Pass.
  • In case the applicant loses, misplaces or damages the Local Resident Pass, ITEL shall replace the same upon payment of cost of the Local Resident Pass and administrative fee applicable at the time.
  • The exempted vehicles shall display a sticker supplied by ITEL on the windscreen of the vehicle, for ease of identification and to prevent misuse of the toll exemption.
  • ITEL can proceed against delinquent users as per the Concession Agreement. State Government shall extend necessary assistance as per Article 4.2(h) of the Concession Agreement